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The most likely reason any wrestler would need to order a custom singlet is due to the fact that they plan on competing in greco and freestyle tournaments during the offseason. Any out of season wrestling tournaments that you participate in will also require you to provide your own singlet, which should also be reversible.

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In competition you will typically be required to have one red singlet and one blue singlet. For youth competitions and local competitions, you may be allowed to use a reversible singlet with a red side and a blue side. However, the rules about the color of the singlet will vary by tournament. Just be sure to check up on the rules before the tournament. The reason I state the rules about singlets and their use in offseason tournaments is due to the fact that price can be a big factor in whether or not you will purchase the customized singlet.

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To get started on ordering a custom wrestling singlet, decide whether or not you want it customized with your own unique design or if you want to buy it already "customized" by the manufacturer. If you do a simple Google search looking for customized singlets, there will be virtually an endless amount of sources you can look at.

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Don't just click on the very first result that pops up though because there are some very well known singlet manufacturers out there that will assure you that you are really getting what you paid for. Some very big names in the wrestling gear business are Cliff Keen, Brute, and Asics. Ordering a singlet from one of these manufacturers would be a very smart and cost effective move.

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Before making a final purchase, pay attention to the fabric that the singlet is made out of. Most singlets now are made with a nylon/lycra or a polyester/spandex blend. The polyester singlets are known to decrease the amount of moisture retained in the singlet and in turn allow for better breathability. But the nylon singlets are known to last longer also, so in the end it all depends on what fabric feels better on you and allows you to move comfortably.

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Roughly, a custom singlet will end up costing around $45- $90. Keep in mind though that this is the price range of a singlet purchased directly from a manufacturer that is already customized. There are websites and companies that will incorporate your own unique design onto a singlet but that could cost an upwards of $80 and maybe higher depending on what you want on the singlet.

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Be sure to order the singlet from a well known company. This will allow you to be satisfied with your order and not have to worry about any scams. Also, keep the price range in mind. Not all places will charge the same price, however it will also depend on if you are adding your own designs to the singlet or are purchasing it straight from the manufacturer already customized.

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With my high school career being heavily involved in wrestling, custom singlets were a must have if you wanted to compete in the off season in greco- roman and freestyle tournaments. When I first had to look around and purchase a custom singlet I was getting ready for my first freestyle tournament, in which it was mandatory that you provided your own singlet that did not display a school logo either. I came to find that the whole process was very easy and worth the money.

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