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Hitting hard in the game of football is a crucial part of what makes it so entertaining for fans to watch. If you already have good form (which is very important) then there are a few things to help increase your tackling and hitting velocity on the field.

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The first step to increasing your hitting strength is constantly improving your tackling form. It doesn't matter how big and strong you are if your tackling form is bad. Plus bad form can lead to serious injuries. The proper form happens when the tackler lowers there hips, keeps their head up, shoots their arms around the runner, and then pumps their legs until the reach the ground.

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If you have good form then there a few exercises that you can do to improve your hitting velocity. These exercises include the power clean, squats, explosive high jumps, and sled drives. Each can be preformed quite easily.

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Power cleans develop overall body explosiveness. This exercise can hep stimulate the driving motion from the hips throughout the entire body. Thus this helps you "explode" through the runner. Power cleans are a very complex and difficult exercise to master. I would recommend looking up proper form and technique before trying it on your own.

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Squats are the universal weight lifting exercise. They help improve your core strength and brute lower body strength. Unlike the power cleans, not all squats are done to be explosive. Rather, they are done to overload the leg muscles and force you to drive the weight direct straight up.

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Explosive jumps are easy to do at home or at the gym. Simply get into your tackling stance with arms at the sides, and jump as high as possible letting your hands shoot straight up as well. this exercise demonstrates the explosive first contact and practice having your arms follow through.

Step 7

All of these exercises will complement a tackle with good form. These exercises will also help you develop other body parts that are used in the game of football.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Whenever lifting weights, practice using proper form and don't worry about the amount of weight. Be sure to always use a spotter.

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I have being trying to hit harder since the day I started playing pee wee football.

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