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It all starts with the grip; you need to be able to get the ball back to the quarterback as quickly as possible. Every team runs a different offense, and plays differently so this could depend on what your team is asking of you.

Step 2

Snap under center; Hold the ball, so that you are holding on to the opposite side of the laces, so when you snap it up through your legs, you are putting the laces directly on the quarterbacks fingertips to he can make the quick snap. When he gives the signal, snap the ball through your legs fast, and hard. Be sure to stay in and make sure he gets the ball, if you pull your hand early, it will cause a fumble.

Step 3

Shotgun snaps; Hold the ball much like you would throw it, with the laces on your fingers. When given the signal, in a fluent motion, snap the ball through your legs, much like a short pass through them. Keep your butt low through the whole snap, or it will sail high on you. Be sure to make it a tight spiral, as well as quickly get it back to the quarterback.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Make sure to spend a lot of time practicing with your quarterback, it takes a long time to get used to the process, and being comfortable with one another. Make sure when you are under center his hands are placed right so you can get the ball back in the same place every time. As well as finding the right speed to snap in shotgun, that allows the ball to be as accurate as possible every play.

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My 7th grade year, during my first game playing Center, my first snap went WAY WAY over the quarterbacks head. I haven’t done that once since, it’s just something I remember very vividly!

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7th grade, I had a coach, who saw me before practice throwing the ball around, and he saw that I could out throw the quarterback on our team, but I was way too big to play quarterback, so he threw me at center, and I’ve been there since.

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