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Griping the football can be very helpful to avoid fumbles, complete passes, or hand the ball off.

Step 2

If you are a quarterback going to be attempting a throw, finger placement is very important. First keep in mind that the way I am about to explain can vary, other coaches may tell you differently. First place your fingers on the laces. Now it can be a personal preference to how many fingers you choose to put on the laces. As well as if you wish to place them closer to the front or rear of the football. On a personal note I would place three fingers towards on the laces near the rear of the football. I would have my pinky finger rest off the laces for added support. I would then place my thumb underneath the football for added support as well.

Step 3

Centers will touch the football every snap and there are many ways they can handle the snap to quarterback as well. I would grip the ball (when snapping to the quarterback with hands underneath me) very firmly. I could get a strong grip on the ball by placing my thumb on the top lace and wrapping my fingers around the top on the other side. This way I have full control on the ball and loose little control.

Step 4

When a runner goes to handle a ball the should place there hand over the nose of the ball, bring the ball close the the body, and keep it high and tight at all times. Proper handling and grip of the ball can help eliminate the chances fumbling the football.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Practice, practice, practice. By practicing these grips, proper techniques will be developed.

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I have learned how to grip a football at a very young age.

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