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Although there is no magical formula that you can follow that will guarantee you get a basketball scholarship, there are a few key action steps that you can take that will increase your chances of being seen by college coaches.

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First, do whatever you can to increase your skills and improve your basketball game. Whether this means working out with a personal trainer, or staying after practice with a coach and working on your skills; the best chance you have to get a college scholarship is to become the best player you can be.

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Second, choose the right AAU team. AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union and there are thousands of teams that will travel all across the country to tournaments where college coaches are looking for players. It is important to not always join the most prestigious team with the most number of high profile players. You must find a team that you know fits your style of game and has players that will compliment your abilities. AAU also give you the chance to start to hone your skills at a young age and gives you the opportunity to play against top quality competition (provided your coach enrolls your team in the right tournaments).

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Third, consider attending a private school rather than a public school. Sometimes (but not always) private schools have stronger athletic programs and the coaches will have experience in placing players at the next level. The majority of college coaches will not come watch high school games, so if your high school coach has college connections then this can benefit your chances at earning a scholarship. Also, the better the high school program you play for, the more prepared you will be to move up to the college level.

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Lastly, you can always invest in high school recruiting services that may or may not increase your chances of being seen by coaches. Personally I never invested in one of these services (because I played for a good AAU team and a quality high school program), and to be honest the value you get for your money is often hit or miss. Sometimes these services can be effective and other times they are a waste of money.

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