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There are tons of drills that can help improve your basketball handles (many of while I have elaborated on in other posts), but I want to highlight two products that will improve your handles after the very first workout.

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The first product is the oversized training ball from Spalding. The oversized training ball bounces and feels like a real ball but is about 3" larger than a normal ball. When you use this ball to go through your ball-handling routine you will force yourself to be more precise in your dribbling movements because you have a smaller margin for error. This basketball is a great tool to improve your handles.

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The second product is the unique dribble specs that should be worn when you go through your various dribbling drills. These glasses are designed to not let you look down at the ball while you are dribbling, thus forcing you to develop your handles while keeping your eyes down the court. This habit is extremely beneficial for all players because it not only improves their ability to control the ball, but allows them to see the entire floor when they dribble.

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