How To Do a Baseball Medicine Ball Workout

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Step 1

There are several different types of medicine balls out there of all sizes and materials. The one you will need to buy for this particular routine is a rubber based ball that allows some bounce.

Step 2

The first set of movements will help you develop hip and core strength for increasing swing speed, balance and strength. First, you will need a medicine ball that you are able to throw efficiently, but is difficult to throw with one arm, and a sturdy open wall (preferably concrete or brick).

Step 3

Next, Stand about 8-15 feet from the wall and turn sideways as if you were getting into your batting stance. Your front shoulder should be facing the wall in line with your lead leg.

Step 4

After positioned correctly, grab underneath the ball with both hands and hold the ball by your back hip.

Step 5

Twist through the hips keep your arms as secure as possible and focus on using your core and abs to propel the ball about your body and throw the ball into the wall with great force.

Step 6

Your body should nearly mimic your baseball swing except obviously for your hand position. As the ball smacks the wall and returns toward you, it should have enough space to bounce once on the ground before you catch the ball.

Step 7

After you throw the ball, you should quickly switch position and receive the ball on the opposite side and return the ball to the wall in the same fashion, but mimicking the opposite swing your used to.

Step 8

Basically, you twist and toss using your core, and switch to the other side, catch and toss, and repeat. This will take some practice and adequate space, but after a few tosses, you will be able to feel a rhythm and understand where you want the muscles to work.

Step 9

You should complete 200 total reps, 100 on each side and preferably without stopping your pace or taking any rest. You should continue to stay strong and explosive as you throw the ball into the wall.

Step 10

Another workout for shoulder and arm strength for developing a stronger throwing arm also includes a medball, but of smaller size.

Step 11

Grab a ball the size of a mini basketball and weighing less than the first ball used in the previous workout.

Step 12

Once you have the ball, step toward the wall facing the surface only a little less than a foot away. Take the ball into one hand and raise the ball in your palm above your head.

Step 13

While working your internal and external arm rotation, quickly throw and catch the ball almost in a tapping motion against the wall (tap and receive the ball into the same hand). Complete 100 taps on each arm. Be sure to keep your arm in an L-shaped position out on the side of your body just as you would throw a ball, and keep your elbow bent a slightly greater angle than 90 degrees.

Step 14

It is important that you stand still facing the wall, and use only your arm and shoulder to generate force to the ball.

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Although an old technique for training, a medicine ball can be a great tool for developing key quickness and core strength for baseball, especially for improving hitting strength and speed.

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