How To Do a Baseball Core Workout

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Step 1

The following workout will help in all forms, but is more structured to enable one to get some work done with the swinging motion for hitting as well.

Step 2

First you will need a medicine ball. Depending on skill level, pick a weight you can easily lift, but feel some resistance. I would say around 20lbs.

Step 3

Next you will need a squat rack and barbell with weight. You will need your body weight in pounds for the back squat. If you are unable to do your body weight, then obviously go down in weight until you can achieve 5 squats in consistent fashion.

Step 4

Your squat should reach a depth of below parallel, or when your hip crease drops below your knee line. As along as you stay on your heels with the pressure and weight guided toward the back and outer third of your foot, you will be able to execute this lift just fine. If you are lacking the strength and mobility to achieve that depth, then use about a 12 inch box to sit on through your heels or significantly lessen the weight.

Step 5

This is a 20 minute workout that requires you to rotate through each exercise after the rep scheme is completed for 20 minutes, with minimal rest.

Step 6

You will also need a baseball bat and preferably a tee with a ball and net to hit into, but it is not necessary.

Step 7

The first exercise will be using the squat rack and bar. You will complete 10 back squats at the start of the timer. Back squats not only improve overall leg strength and power out put, but are an extremely useful core strengthening tool.

Step 8

Once you complete 10 squats, move on to the medicine ball. While holding the ball in front of your chest, lie back on your tail bone with your knees slightly tucked and back also off of the ground, isolating your flexion on your core. You should be forming a v-shape with your body against the floor.

Step 9

Once in place, rotate at your waist keeping your shoulders in line with your torso and touch the ball to one side on the floor, then twist again touching the other site. Quickly move and complete 20 reps without letting your feet touch the floor.

Step 10

After twenty reps, stand up with the ball. Then raise the ball with both arms over your head. With one motion focusing on your core and keeping your arms in line with your body, slam the ball to the floor by bending at the hips.

Step 11

Obviously you will need a ball that is soft, but not going to bounce very high or at all. Once the ball hits the ground, squat down and again pick the ball up to the overhead position and repeat, 20 times.

Step 12

The last movement will be with the baseball bat and ball with tee. After using the med ball, walk to the tee and take you time at this spot. In other words, try and speed through the other exercises with fast, but explosive movements, not slow and sluggish to just get through.

Step 13

Once you get to the hitting station, just make sure your in your perfect stance and do not rush the movement. Work on being as fast and explosive as possible through the ball for ten swings. Once 10 swings is complete, go back through the initial exercises.

Step 14

Continue this process for 20 to 30 minutes trying to maintain strength and explosive movements the entire time. If you are going so fast and not maintaining form or quickness, you will not benefit from the movements that will shape you core. The only exercise you can do slower and consistent would be the squatting portion.

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Like most sports, baseball requires a strong, stable core to help athletes withstand the repetitive twisting and bending at explosive speeds often used during play. Whether it be during throwing or hitting, your core is the focal point. Below I have detailed some exercises and a workout that will enable you to develop a stronger core.

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