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Stretching is huge to developing stronger muscles, and becoming more flexible. Not only does stretching help you become stronger but it helps to prevent injuries as well. Stretching can be very beneficial to any football player and should not be over looked.

Step 2

Stretching should be done after a warm up, and after you have completed a practice, game, or weightlifting. Never try to miss a stretch time. Stretching before and after exercise will help prevent any muscle soreness.

Step 3

So at this point you might be asking exactly how to stretch. There is no right or wrong way really to stretch. I would recommend doing static stretches which consists of holding to stretch. Never bounce and stretch. This can lead to injury, although its not very likely its a risk that can be easily avoided.

Step 4

When you stretch you should get in the habit of having a routine. Do the same stretches both before and after every time you go to stretch. Once again try not to miss a stretching session if at all possible.

Step 5

You should do stretches that consist of both lower and upper body muscles. Examples of this are the hamstrings, quads, gluteus, triceps, chest, and shoulders. These areas should be target in every stretching routine. These are you core muscles. Auxiliary stretches to the bicep, calves, and wrists can also be done. These are as equally important and should not be missed or skipped in your routine either. But if you are short on time at the minimum stretch your core muscles.

Step 6

You can many stretches online by either looking them up on youtube or some other website. Find stretches that target your core muscles as well as your auxiliary muscles as well. I could list a lot of different stretches but you should find stretches that you find beneficial to yourself and what works well for you.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Never skip a stretching session. Its very important and can play a crucial role in your development as a football player.

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Stretching is critical is preventing injury, becoming more flexible, and building strength.

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