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Stretching can make you a better athlete and can help prevent common injuries like; pulled muscles, stress fractures, and other muscular issues. There are two primary times when you need to stretch as an athlete, before you start your activity and after you are finished.

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Stretching before you start exercising is important so that you can be ready to go full speed when practice or games are ready to start. Ideally you should warm up by doing some kind of light jogging or movement to get your muscles warm. Once you are warm you can do the following list of dynamic (moving) stretches.

Step 3

Knee hug lunge are when you pull your knee to your chest and then step out into a lunge. This stretches your upper hamstring and your hip flexor. Continue to alternate legs and lunge down the floor until you have done 5 on each leg.

Step 4

Walking cradles are when you position one hand under your ankle and the other under your knee and pull you leg upward toward your chest. This should stretch your hips and IT bands. Do 5 reps on each leg.

Step 5

One leg romanian dead lifts (RDL's) are when you kick back a straight leg so that you feel a stretch in the leg planted on the ground - this should be a slow and controlled movement and your body should lean forward as you kick your leg back. This should stretch your hamstring. Do 5 reps on each leg.

Step 6

Once you have finished your physical activity it is important that you finish your workout by static (stationary) stretching before you leave the gym.

Step 7

Use a resistance band and stretch your hamstrings, quads, and hips by lying on the ground. Stretch your hamstrings by wrapping the band around your foot and keep a single leg in the air while controlling the resistance of the band with your hands. While in the same position bring your foot at an angle slowly towards your chest to stretch your hip. Lastly, turn on your side and wrap the band around your shoulder (still attached to your foot) so that you can pull your foot backwards and stretch your quads.

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