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There are several basketball moves that you can work on until you have perfected a few moves that you can rely on in the heat of competition.

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First, you have the crossover. This is the most well known and frequently practiced moves in the world. You can work on either perfecting a short crossover (Russell Westbrook from the OKC Thunder does this well) or a long crossover. The key to an effective crossover is to sell the move with your body and have a quick move from one hand to the other. Use your eyes, hips, and change of speeds to make the move most effective.

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Second, is the in-and-out move. This move is performed with one hand and involved taking the ball so that your opponent thinks you are going to crossover but you push the ball to the same side and continue past the defender.

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Third, is the spin move. The key to a spin move is to make the defender think you are going in one direction and then spin back the other direction using your body to shield the ball. Be sure that you make a tight spin and switch the ball from one hand to the other after you are past the defender.

Step 5

Fourth, is a dribble between the legs. This move can be a great alternative to the crossover because it provides more protection of the ball (since it is not exposed to the defender). Between the legs dribble can be used to change directions and is most effective when you change speeds while making the move.

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I have developed several basketball moves over the years and have perfected a few moves that I use on a frequent basis.

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