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One of the most known form of conditioning in general but mainly wrestling would be running. Running can be done in a variety of ways such as intervals which is jog/sprint/jog/sprint and so on. One of the most brutal ways I would use running to my advantage is going uphill at the local park or even set the treadmill on incline and do intervals on the incline. Although jogging and sprinting are beneficial, running with a weight vest will truly show just how tough you are if you are able to do it. Running with a weight vest doesn't just improve cardiovascular health but also improves your overall strength. If a weight vest isn't available to you a weight plate works great too.

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Another crucial component conditioning involves weight training. Not just any weight training but a type of training called high intensity interval training (HIIT). The purpose of this is to increase strength, cardio, and helps with cutting weight. This type of training will prepare your body to use those short bursts of energy to your advantage that you are sure to experience on the mat. For example, if you start out working upper body your rest periods should be no longer then 10 seconds because as soon as you are done with one exercise you immediately start executing the next one. After your upper body is done then it's time for lower body. The rest period between this should be no more then 45 seconds in order to get the maximum benefit from it. Also, another good thing to remember is that this method of training is performed using 3-4 sets. However, if you really want to push your limits forget about sets and reps and just go for it all out.

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Although many people choose to do individual conditioning workouts to reach their peak in wrestling. The method that I personally have benefitted from the most and have also seen others benefit from is just pure live wrestling. This is simply due to you being put in a wrestling match where you can either live wrestle for a normal 6 minute match or if your pushing hard go for 20 minutes, the choice is yours. Running, HIIT, and circuit training is very beneficial but you can't beat the actual feel and intensity of an actual match.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Just remember that conditioning can and will be brutal when it's for the sport of wrestling. Mental toughness is going to be the most important thing to develop in order to execute these training tactics to there full potential.

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My first year of wrestling was in the youth wrestling program. In this program the coaches didn't push conditioning on us too hard which we all enjoyed. However, once junior high wrestling came around it hit me like a brick wall that conditioning is a major part in the sport of wrestling. After a years worth of conditioning it was a second nature to me from then on and I ended up doing it throughout the entire off season to stay in shape for the upcoming season. Conditioning has helped me tremendously and even though it's not always fun it pays off in the end.

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