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Although basketball playbooks are never going to be the sole reason why your team wins a game, a carefully constructed offense can gave teams the edge they need to push them past their opponents.

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The most elementary of the three playbooks is "Plays for Basketball" by Coach Jeff. In this volume, Coach Jeff outlines basic plays and strategies that can be implemented at all levels, but may be best suited for a lower level of competition. He instructs coaches on a variety of offenses; offense against man, zone, or pressure defense. Overall this book is a solid resource.

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"Blackboard Strategies" by Eric Sarchaski is more complex in its construction and brings together the wisdom of winning coaches from all over the country. In this book he emphasizes various situations that can occur in throughout the course of a game. Time, score, and situation are all key factors when deciding what play to run, and "Basketball Strategies" equips you with the tools you need to call the right play.

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The "Basketball Playbook" is by far the most advanced of the three playbooks. This book draws primarily on the experience and knowledge of top-level NBA coaches and executives. It outlines the key plays that have won championships for the likes of the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets. Saturated with practical wisdom, this book is a must read for any serious coach.

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Basketball plays have always been a key part of learning the game of basketball and understanding how to become a successful coach. The best coaches I have ever played for, are also the coaches that knew how to draw up a successful play.

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