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Power sleds are used to develop lower body strength and power. They are not absolutely needed to develop the lower body but can help in more ways than one.

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Power sleds are used by lower your body into an athletic position, and then pushing the sled until your desired distance. Power sleds have a place where you can place weights to make the load heavier. I would highly recommend buying a power sled that allows you to place a lot of weight onto the sled. If you buy a sled that doesn't have a place to put extra weight, you will eventually adapt to the weight of the sled.

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When your are looking to buy a power sled you should look for sleds with hard, firm handles. Handles take a lot of abuse and eventually get worn down. Sometimes when you buy a more expensive sled the handles are made with a more durable rubber and will last longer.

Step 4

There are two different ways to buy a power sled. You can go to a local sporting goods store or online. The benefits about buying one at a store are great. It allows you to look at the product and get a good feel for it.

Step 5

If you are to buy a power sled online you can more than likely get one for a cheaper price. Buying one online gives you the potential to buy a used sled or brand new one. Just make sure if you buy a new one you look at it in person to make sure its fully functioning.

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If you buy a sled that isn't used you will probably have to put the sled together. They are overlay difficult to put together, however you may want one other person to help you put it together when it arrives.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Pay attention to the handles when buying a new or used sled. They are usually the first thing to go.

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I have just started to include power sleds into my training routine. I have enjoyed using them and would recommend buying one to help increase power and strength.

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