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Kidney protectors can be very useful. They serve to protect a future injury, or prevent a reoccurring injury to the abdominal region. The pads will sit firmly against to torso area resting below the shoulder pads. Many kidney protectors will have straps that go around the shoulders like a vest. This is done to ensure they stay in place at all times. The shoulder pads will go over the top of the straps. Keep note that not all kidney pads are built this way. Some will simply wrap around the torso and have adjustable straps. Its a personal preference to which you buy.

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The first step to buying kidney pads is getting the correct size. The properly size a protector, measure the distance from your belly button, around your stomach, and back to your belly button. Since the protector isn't going to be around your waist don't measure that area. You will need this measurement to purchase the correct size online if you wish to do so. If you will not be buying your kidney pads online, you may go to a sporting goods store and have a professional help find a pair that fits best.

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Shopping both online and looking at a local store are really the only places to find kidney pads. Buying the pads online might save you some money.

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The pads are generally made of the same material and constructed the same way. However, some padding is more durable than others and will cost more. These pads tend not to tear very often so buying the cheaper pair can save you money in the long run.

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Sizing is very important. If the kidney pads aren't fitted correctly, it can potentially cause discomfort and fail to protect the proper areas it intends to.

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I have personally never used a kidney pad. However, they are very common and used quite frequently for all football positions.

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