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There are 2 different types of tackling dummies. One style is a pad placed on a small sled. The sled can move very easily and can be very useful. The other type of tackling dummy is a hand held or stationary dummy. These pads aren't placed on a sled and can be used very easily as well.

Step 2

I would recommend a program to use both. I would also recommend buying more hand dummies and stationary dummies and only one or two sled dummies. This way you can utilize both of the dummies efficiently within the entire team.

Step 3

You can find tackling dummies online and that's where you will have to buy them. Sporting goods store generally don't care them in stock because they are bulky and take up space within the store. Remember buying these online might come with a big shipping cost. Also keep in mind that some dummies are filled with sand and may require you to put the sand in the bag. If you purchase a sled dummy, you may have to assemble some parts.

Step 4

When comparing between brands and prices, I would recommend buying the more expensive set of padding. These pads are going to receive a lot a wear and tear. Buying the more expensive brand can help eliminate rips and tears. This just happens because usually the more expensive it is, the better material is used thus more durable.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Remember to buy enough pads for the team. Usually 10 is plenty to run drills in practice.

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I have had to tackle these dummies starting back to the beginning of my football days. They can be fun, and encourage proper tackling form in practice.

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