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Step 1

To buy hand pads you should first understand what they are used for. They are used to help eliminate hitting and protect players hands. It also allows individual player interaction. They can be very beneficial when used correctly.

Step 2

Hand pads are easy to order online or find locally at a sporting good store. Ordering them online may take a longer time due to placing the order and getting them through the shipping process.

Step 3

Hand pads have a great feature that allows for a one size fits all feature. No sizing needs to be involved when wanting to purchase these.

Step 4

When you buy hand pads make sure enough are bought. Usually 12 will be enough to ensure proper amounts for the players to use. This is because usually only the offensive or defensive lines use them at one given time.

Step 5

These pads will eventually rip and tear at some point because they receive so much abuse. Buying the higher quality for the higher price doesn't mean they are indestructible. I would personally buy the cheaper pair pads because they all rip very easily.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Refresh on drills that can be done with these pads to develop your athletes.

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I have used hand pads in nearly every football practice.

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