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Football flags are used in practices to help avoid any contact. They are very beneficial in this area of use. They are also great to have for a simple afternoon pick-up game. They are cheap, and very easy to use.

Step 2

Football flags are relatively easy to find and buy. I would first check around at a local sporting goods store. If they don't carry them, then the next step would be to locate them online.

Step 3

Purchasing the football flags will give you the opportunity to try the flags on. Usually the flags are connected to a belt that goes around the torso area. Size and fitting aren't huge areas on concern. The belts usually come with an adjustable waist band allowing for one size fits all fitting.

Step 4

Buying the flags online may allow you to buy the same flags for cheaper. This also depends upon the store and shipping rate. You might also be able to ave money by buying them at a sporting goods store.

Step 5

Flags tend to be made and constructed the same. Were they differ from one another is the quality of the fabrics. The more expensive the flags are, usually means that the material will be much more durable when being grabbed and puled on.

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Shopping around both at sporting good stores and online can help save some money.

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When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I first started using football flags for spring and summer practice. I have also used them in back yard pick-up games.

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