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Football goal posts are needed to achieve the ability to complete a game starting at the high school level. They are used in extra point attempts, field goal attempts, and indicating the very back of the end zone.

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Football goal posts can be very expensive. Usually the best and only type that high school allows is the standard 1 post model. This model has one post cemented into the ground rather than 2.

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The most common and traditional way to buy goal posts is online. It can be very frustrating and long. Shopping online can save money if you spend enough time researching the products. Many different companies offer different types, models, and accessories. Research which goal post type and measurements are needed.

Step 4

Another way to get goal posts is to possibly hold a fundraiser or something of that nature. These can be very effective and can be done by the programs booster club or private company. It's something I would keep in mind and it helps to get a community involved.

Step 5

I wouldn't attempt to build or construct my own goal posts. Its not very common and may not easily meet the state regulation size and requirements.

Step 6

Once you have your goal posts your going to need to cement them in place this will require heavy machinary and multiple people to place the posts.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Make sure you know your regulation goal post style, and model. This can be found online quite easily.

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I have never had to buy football goal posts. However my high school football program has had to buy goal posts during my high school playing time.

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