How To Become a Football Graduate Assistant

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The biggest key in finding a graduate assistant position is knowing how to contact the right people and make key connections. Having a background in football (as either a player, coach, assistant, manager, etc) will give you a leg up on your competition because you should already have contacts within the football world. Leverage all of your relationships to discover any connections you might have to people already established in football positions.

Step 2

Be sure to make a list of schools that you are interested in applying to and then go to work making contact with the coaches at those schools. It is best to travel in person to each school (being sure to dress nice whenever you go into the coaches offices) and have a face to face interaction so that you become more than just a name on a resume.

Step 3

Have your resume and list of references handy whenever you get in front of a coaching staff so they have an idea of your experience and a means to contact you. Make sure to highlight the ways that you would help improve the football program.

Step 4

Always follow up your visits with a personal phone call thanking the coach for his time and a handwritten note communicating the same message.

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Becoming a football graduate assistant can be a difficult process, but here are a few key tips that might help.

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