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Depending on the level of coaching you want to get involved with, will determine the process you will have to go through to become a baseball coach.

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If you have aspirations to become a big time college baseball coach, you must be prepared to work your way up the college coaching ladder. This might mean that you start as a graduate assistant or a director of baseball operations until you become an assistant coach, then a head coach. Many coaches who desire to coach division 1 baseball will start by coaching a division 2 or 3 team until they have the opportunity to move up.

Step 3

If you want to coach a high school team you will still need some baseball credentials as either a player or a coach. Volunteering with a baseball team is one way of gaining valuable experience. You could also start by coaching the school's freshman or JV team and then once you have proven yourself at that level you can move up to become the varsity coach.

Step 4

If you only have aspirations to coach a rec team or community based team, you usually will have no problem pursuing that position. Most leagues are in need of coaches who are willing to commit the time and effort it takes to coach kids. Many coaches also get their start by coaching their children's team when they are at a young age.

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Become more knowledgeable about baseball can boost your resume, just like becoming a Campus Men writer does!

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Becoming a baseball coach can be a rewarding and fun activity when pursued in the right way.

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