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Many college students seek to know how to be confident. Unfortunately, it is unlikely a student will learn how to be confident overnight. Confidence is a trait that someone builds over time. Some students arrive on campus because they enjoy the sum total of all their experiences since childhood. Others need to make changes in their lives to either experience more, or get feedback from others in their effort to be confident. Surprisingly, a lot of guys who become Campus Men started out as shy or lacked confidence.

Step 2

Do Something to "Challenge Yourself" to be Confident: One surefire way to be confident is to overcome things that you fear. When you seek to avoid something because you lack the confidence, you have fear. This can be as simple as not wanting to dance with a girl on the dance floor because you are worried you will look stupid. A confident guy doesn't care about what others think. One tactic to learn confidence is to listen to good feedback from girls. Feedback is simply honest opinions of what they think of you. It is often difficult to obtain good, honest feedback - especially from girls.

Step 3

Learn to be Confident by Getting Exposure: Imagine appearing on a billboard on the busiest intersection in town. People will see you on the Billboard. And then people, especially girls, will mention this when they see you. They will often tell you what they think. You hear what they say, which will often be positive, and learn to accept the positives of what other people think about you. Well, not everybody can appear on the Billboard, but as a college student you can get a great deal of exposure for yourself by becoming a Campus Man. Girls will see you on and tell you what they think. It is then up to you to learn to either let go of any lack of confidence or to listen and accept the positive things that you hear from others.

Step 4 is the perfect tool for a shy guy or a guy who secretly lacks confidence. The qualification process, along with all the online attention you receive afterward set up a typical college student to exude confidence or learn to be confident. Here is how:

Step 5

First Step to Be Confident: Forcing Yourself to Talk to Many Girls: Since votes are required to get votes before you can become a Campus Man, you work to get yourself qualified to become a Campus Man by asking others to vote for you. The qualification process sets you apart from other guys on campus. Not every guy in your dorm or apartment building is trying to get votes from girls.

Step 6

Second Step to Be Confident: Be Unique: Being confident can be especially challenging for a college student enrolled at a large university. There are so many other students on campus. The challenge is to find a way to stick out from all the other guys instead of fading into the crowd.

Step 7

After qualifying, also encourages you to highlight the unique traits or interests that you have that others do not. Each Campus Man receives a special page dedicated to any special or unique hobby, profession or skill he possesses. For example, Josh is skilled at snowboarding, so he receives a page dedicated to snowboarding. He can upload short clips that show him snowboarding, or give information about how long he's been in the sport or otherwise let girls know all about his achievements in that sport.

Step 8

Your uniqueness is a perfect way for a shy guy to build confidence. He recognizes his uniqueness and others also recognize him for the things that make him unique.

Step 9

Learn How to Be Confident by Appearing in a Video: Making a video can be your first test in being able to develop a little confidence. Making a video in which you appear as a great chance to start thinking about yourself and how others see you and then to get feedback from others. Others will see your video and they will tell you what they think. If self-confidence is your weak area, then seek the advice of a girl or two in helping to make your video. Ask her: what is the one thing that you think of when you think of me? Then, somehow talk about this or show this in a video.

Step 10

Learn How to Be Confident by Reading What Others Write About You: Another great way of building confidence is ask someone who knows you well to write a short description of you for your profile that is published on People that know us will often be able to identify positive traits that we overlook. Guys are often surprised and realize they overlook traits, when they read a bio that was written for them. Plus, asking a girl to help you write bio is a perfect excuse to talk to girls.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

If you are ready to start getting feedback and positive encouragement from girls, then it's your turn to become a Campus Man.

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