Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Portable Exercise Mat for Weightlifters

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Personal exercise mats or pads are a way to avoid the bacteria and germs found on the "shareable" ones the gym provides.

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Styles vary greatly, depending on how the athlete or bodybuilder uses them.

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Serious athletes want thick, heavy-duty mats with non-slip backing. Not the thin type used for yoga and pilates.

Step 4

Consider size when choosing a pad. Width and length should be adequate for performing all types of exercises.

Step 5

Padding should offer sufficient comfort and absorb impacts, allowing the mat to regain its shape quickly.

Step 6

Outer shells can be either vinyl or fabric. Vinyl pads are easier to keep clean and can be wiped down after each use.

Step 7

Anti-slip backings are important because they help keep the mat or pad from sliding across the gym floor.

Step 8

Portability is also important, considering how often the mat will travel between the gym and home.

Step 9

Mats that roll-up, fold and attach to a gym bag are easiest to handle.

Step 10

Some mats come with accessories and even training manuals for beginning bodybuilders.

Step 11

If the mat or pad comes with a warranty, it's important to note how long that warranty runs and if there are fees for repairs or replacement.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

It is important to note, that these are different from the thin pilates-type mats commonly seen in workout areas and gyms. Serious athletes want the heavier duty type.

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I've never had to buy exercise mats for myself, but my dad's experience taught me a lot about the necessity of having mats in your house. Trust me, make the investment and never look back. The mats above are great and far better than the money they cost. So lay them down and, as always, happy lifting

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