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I play in a band called "Dean". Its me and a few of my friends. Mike, Trevor, John and myself, Nick. Its a four-piece pop punk band - is the best way of putting it. We play fast, upbeat, just jams. I just sing in the band. Single, guitar, single base. Base guitar and one drummer of course.

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Playing in a band is something I recommend wholeheartedly. Whether you are nine years old, whether you are 90 years old. I don't think you are going to find someone who plays in a bad who regrets playing in that band or wishes they never did. Whether it is playing a gig at a friends house, whether its having to schlep and sell a bunch of pre-sale tickets to your local dive. Whether its a good break somewhere where you can come and really perform.

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Nothing, and I repeat, nothing will beat playing your own songs, playing maybe cover songs and having people sing that back to you. The energy, the vibes, just the excitement that is there, is addicting. That's a vice I would say you need to get behind. Forget women or booze, which I guess comes with the territory.

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You will find nothing more fulfilling than just, nothing more invigorating, like I said, than getting on stage, putting a mic in your hand, and singing your heart out. We have been together for about three and a half years, coming up on four and the smallest gig, the biggest gig, the most people, the fewest people. Its always been great. Because as a band, we always try to give that 110 percent.

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I have played in a band since high school.


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