How to do a Close-Grip Dumbbell Press

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Step 1

Set a dumbbell on its end on the bench. Assure that it does not fall. Lay down, so that your shoulders are resting perpendicular to the wide side of the bench. Assure your hips are off the bench and slightly lower than the bench. Your feet should be flat and very firm against the floor. Reach to the dumbbell and move it to position over your chest, with your arms fully extended. Both palms of your hand should be placed against the plates of the dumbbell, and should not be holding that thinner bar between the plates.

Step 2

Keep your elbows positioned in, and not wide. Gradually lower the dumbbell to your chest.

Step 3

Push the weight back up by extending your arms. Be sure to keep your elbows positioned closer together and do not allow your arms to widen.

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Assure that your palms rest under the dumbbell's "plates."

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