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A Barbell Military Press is a very complex and beneficial movement. It requires brute strength as well as good technique and form. The equipment you will need can be found in nearly any gym. All you need is a barbell and some plate weights. This exercise requires very good technique and from. You should focus on technique before progressively adding weight to the barbell. I would recommend this exercise to any serious athlete that is either looking to build mass or sport related strength.

Step 2

A Barbeel Military Press can be preformed in a squat rack, or wherever there is enough room to stand with your barbell. If you choose to preform this exercise in a squat rack, you will be able to put the barbell in the rack and rest the barbell on the rack loops. If a squat rack is unavailable you can pre from the exercise in a open space and rest the barbell on the floor.

Step 3

The first step to performing this exercise is either unracking the barbell from the squat rack, or getting the bar from the floor to your chest. This movement will begin with the bar resting on your chest and shoulders with your hands placed shoulder width apart. You can choose to place your hands wider or closer, choose the position that is most comfortable for you.

Step 4

If you have never attempted this exercise I would advise using just the barbell without any weights added to it. You should practice good technique and form at all times to prevent any possibilities of injuring your shoulder.

Step 5

Once the bar has reached your chest, begin the movement by driving the bar toward the ceiling. Press to bar upward using your chest, shoulders and triceps. Try to maintain a neutral spine at all times. You can maintain a neutral spine by standing tall and keeping your chin up.

Step 6

Once the bar has reached the highest point, pause for a slight second so you can fully develop and strengthen your shoulders, chest and triceps. After you have paused for a slight second, begin the second part of the movement by controlling the bar back down to chest and shoulders. Once again, maintaining a neutral spine and keeping your elbows tucked in will help prevent injuries.

Step 7

You can repeat this exercise for 3-5 sets. You can also vary the repetitions anywhere from5 repetitions to 30 repetitions per set. Keep in mind that performing sets with a lower amount of weight will result in getter strength gains. Pressing the barbell for higher repetitions will result in more muscular endurance and muscle mass.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Perfect form will help prevent injuries and will allow you to be able to lift more weight. Maintain a neutral spine at all times throughout the movement. You should never let your elbows flare out to your sides. Keep your elbows close and tucked towards your chest.

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I have been performing Barbell Military Presses since I was first introduced to weight lifting. It is a staple in my own weight lifting programs and many elite athletes will preform this exercise as well.

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