How to Do Incline Bench Press

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Step 1

This lift branches off from the regular bench press, but still focuses on strengthening the chest muscles. The incline really works the upper pecks more than the flat bench does. Flat bench has been proven dangerous because it really works the shoulders too, which can cause injury if done too much or improperly. Before doing the lift, it is important to know how much weight you can handle and are capable of doing. After finding a good starting point, we will begin. Start by placing your hands about shoulder width apart and grip the bar tightly.

Step 2

After getting a firm grip, push the bar up and unrack it. Now you are ready to being the repetitions. The goal is to bring the bar down on a straight line and touch the bottom of your pecs and explode back up for one rep. It is important to push back straight up on a similar plane that you started with.

Step 3

While pushing the bar up from the bottom position against your chest, make sure to push straight towards the ceiling and not push out towards your feet. This makes the lift a lot harder, and can seriously cause injury to your body. So one repetition will consist of bringing the bar straight down to your lower pec in a controlled motion, and exploding up on a straight line towards the ceiling.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

The two biggest problems that will occur while doing the incline bench press are as followed: while bringing the bar down being out of control and not hitting the focus point on your chest, and pushing up and away from your body instead of the desired straight line.

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I first started doing this exercise fall of 2010 during my weight lifting class in high school. Our teacher, who was also out head strength and conditioning coach incorporated this lift into our program.

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