How To Do an Alternate Hammer Curl

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Step 1

To master this exercise, with the proper technique, I suggest starting with a lighter weight to get control of the motion of this exercise. Step up to a Dumbbell rack and select two dumbbells, an appropriate starting weight may be different for everyone, but until we master the form and motion, we are going to shoot for 12 solid reps.

Step 2

After selecting the weight of the dumbbells, take a step back from the rack to be respectful of others who may want to use the dumbbells. Start with each of the dumbbells at each hip, with your elbows at your torso, your arms should be fully extended and relaxing at this point.

Step 3

While holding your left arm stationary, begin to curl the dumbbell forward while contracting the bicep as you exhale. Continue this motion until your bicep is fully contracted and the dumbbell is at the top of your right shoulder. This motion should be a light arc in front of the body from hip to shoulder, only your forearm is moving, while your elbow and shoulders stay stationary to help isolate the bicep.

Step 4

Once you've curled the weight up to shoulder level, contract your bicep as much as you can for a full second, then using the same form and arc-lower the dumbbell back to the starting position while inhaling. Once your right arm has completed a full rep, from start to end, do the same with the left arm-exhale on the way up, and inhale on the way down.

Step 5

Your sets should be around 12 reps at least until you have mastered the technique, after your completely comfortable with the motion, increase or decrease the weight and do more/less reps-this will incorporate other muscle fibers and fatigue your muscles in different ways that will help your arms grow.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

This is a fairly basic exercise that aids in the development of the biceps, and forearms. Pay close attention to form, watch yourself in a mirror to make sure you are keeping your elbows and shoulders stationary, otherwise your biceps will be doing less work, which means less growth, which in turn-defeats the purpose of this exercise.

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