How To Do a Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown

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Step 1

Attach a flat wide bar to the hook at the top of the machine if it is not already attached. The wide flat bar is the most common attachment when it comes to lat pulldowns, so chances are it is already the one attached.

Step 2

Next, sit down on the seat and make the the pad that sits on top of your knees is snug, this will provide extra support. This pad will help your body stay stationed on the seat when pulling the weight down.

Step 3

Now you will reach up and grab the bar with your hands closer together than shoulder width. For most people, the distance between your two hands will be about six inches.

Step 4

To begin this exercise, create a slight curve in your back by sticking out your chest. This will help you isolate the lats and help keep your upper body stationary so you don't use any body momentum.

Step 5

Now begin pulling the bar down and back until it is lowered to your upper chest. As your are performing this part of the rep, exhale. Concentrate on squeezing your back muscles instead of your arms, this will help you concentrate on your back.

Step 6

Now, slowly let the bar rise back to the starting position, inhale while performing this portion of the rep.

Special Attention

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Really focus on your back. Your lats are the primary muscles being worked in this exercise, try not to work your arms too much or you will take the work load off your back which is not conducive towards your desired results from performing this exercise.

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Lat pulldowns are one of the most effective exercises to build and strengthen your back. I've been doing different forms of lat pulldowns for years and definitely notice good results from doing them.

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