How To Do Barbell Shrugs

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Step 1

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, hold a barbell with your palms facing your thighs, hands a little wider than shoulder-width. Your arms should be completely extended with your elbows straight.

Step 2

The starting position is when you are just holding the barbell at the bottom of the rep, the ending position is at the top of the rep-when you have raised your shoulder up as far as you can. Holding the barbell, raise your shoulders as far up as you can while exhaling, then lower the barbell while inhaling.

Step 3

Perform exercise for desired reps and sets. Try your best to keep your elbows locked out. If you don't, you will contract you biceps taking the weight off of your shoulders which will defeat the purpose of the exercise. If you are lifting heavy, or you feel like you can shrug more than you can hold, get a pair of wrist straps to help your grip to support the weight.

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Focus on contracting your traps by squeezing upwards with your shoulder and shoulder blades.

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Recently went to Cancun, Mexico for vacation, and was nicknamed "Trap City" because of my traps. Shrugs really help build the traps and shoulders.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I've been doing various types of shrugs for years now and barbell is my favorite because you can shrug the most weight since you are using both hands at the same time.

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