How To Do Barbell Shoulder Press

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Step 1

You can either do this exercise standing or sitting, whichever one you choose-the exercise movement remains the same. If you choose to do it sitting, get a bench with back support and put it in the squat rack so you can have safety rails and a place to rack the barbell. Same goes for standing, perform the exercise in the squat rack, it will make it much easier.

Step 2

Inside the squat rack, position the barbell rack at a height that is at the height of your forehead. Grab the bar, with your palms facing forward (pronated), at about a shoulder width.

Step 3

Press the bar over your head and lock your arms out, fully extending your arms. Bring the bar down smoothly and slowly in front of your face down to your chin, down to your shoulders-this is the starting position. After pressing the bar fully above your head, you will lock out your elbows, reaching the end position of this exercise.

Step 4

As you are lowering the bar, inhale. When pressing the bar upwards, exhale. Repeat with complete control for your desired reps and sets.

Special Attention

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Focus on your breathing-inhaling and exhaling. This will help you keep control and a smooth motion. Because this is a compound movement, it can be hard to breathe at times, so focus on your breathing, breath heavily if it helps.

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I've been incorporating shoulder presses into my workouts for a few years now and they are definitely effective to help build mass and strength in the shoulders. I noticed results after a few shoulder workouts so I've always kept in in my routine some way.

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