How To Do Barbell Incline Bench Press - Medium Grip

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Step 1

Lie flat on an incline bench, have the bench at about a forty-five degree angle. Place your feet under you about shoulder width apart for stability.

Step 2

Reach up and grab the bar about shoulder width apart and lift the bar off the rack. This will be your starting position, and your elbows should be straight and locked out.

Step 3

Slowly lower the barbell to your upper chest while inhaling. After the bar has touched your chest exhale while pushing the bar back up to the starting position.

Step 4

Keep your butt on the seat while pushing up each rep. Press your shoulder blades firmly into the bench while your exhaling and pushing the barbell up from your chest.

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Focus on contracting your upper chest. Your shoulders and triceps will help our with the exercise but really focus on hitting your chest on each rep.

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The incline bench really helps develop the upper pec and even some shoulders, Ive been doing barbell incline bench presses for several years, and always keep it in my workout routine.

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