How To Do A Weighted Ab Crunch

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Step 1

Take a grip, a wide grip as you would on the bench press. Keeping the legs, bend the knees just slightly, pull them in toward me. Up here. Right there. Hold here.

Step 2

Now, I'm going to unrack the bar for you. Keeping the arms locked out, I just want you to hold that at arms length and keeping everything locked, crunch your torso off the bench. Crunch and down slowly, there you go Nik. Just like that. Exhale at the top. These look great. Good, Nik.

Step 3

It's hard to keep your balance here so stay slow and under control. Looks fantastic. Push that bar straight up in the air.

Step 4

Perfect and likewise as soon as your shoulder blades touch the bench, come right back up. And crunch. Good, Down slow - right back up. No rest on the bottom. Perfect. And I want you to try to bring the bar up more towards my hand, rather than forward. There it is. Perfect right there.

Step 5

Good, Nik. Give me one more and it looks like we're pretty close to failure. Okay, great. And rack it.

Step 6

Now, were going to give Nik 60 seconds rest here and then we're going to continue on to the second set.

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