How To Do A Reverse Crunch On A Bench

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Step 1

What I'm going to have you do here, is a reverse crunch. As the name implies, basically you're going to take the bottom part of your torso, and crunch toward your shoulders. during a regular crunch, you're crunching toward the other way, shoulders toward the hips.

Step 2

Now, just like you doing, holding on with your hands behind the bench, your legs out at a fixed angle, that should do it for you. You're going to use the power of your lower abdominals, to lift her hips up and back toward me off the bench. And then come down until your tailbone touches the bench and then right back up. Just Like that.

Step 3

Good, Nik. Really power them up. And as soon as that tailbone touches the bench, come immediately back up. You want to minimize the time that they're relaxed in the bottom of the movement.

Step 4

Good Nik. You want to continue these until failure. So, keep them going. Try to get the hips up off the bench a little higher. Perfect from this angle. And up. Good.

Step 5

Now, you want to avoid swinging the legs. Just pick your hips up, straight up and back up off the bench. There we go. Were getting close to failure. Come right back up.

Step 6

Okay, let's try for one more, Nik. Then we'll go to the regular crunch here. Good. Okay, we've essentially hit failure.

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