Cody Brenner
at Campus Men

Cody Brenner's Involvement in Athletics

Interview Questions

When did you first get started in athletics?

2nd grade

What is something surprising about being a college athlete that people would not know?

It develops good leadership and teamwork. It takes a lot of determination and handwork to persevere. This same concepts can also be applied off of the playing field.

What is participating in athletics like for you?

Athletics are very demanding and take a lot of effort. They are very time consuming and require a lot of time management to maintain sports and academics. They give you an edge in life from being on a sports team and developing teamwork.

Tell a funny story about your involvement in athletics

I was playing baseball one time and a ground ball was hit to me at short and i threw it to first for the second out of the inning. I thought it was the third out so i sprinted in to the dugout while the rest of the team stayed on the field laughing at me.